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To provide support towards education, alleviate the effects of poverty and offer hope. Hannah’s Sanctuary also works to develop a godly self-image in young adults through Christian discipleship.


Christian discipleship, payment of School fees and related materials, support towards starting vocational training, setting up a business, access to childcare to enable training and education. 


We are a donation supported charity, could you please help us with our mission by donating today or partnering with us today?

Image by Alysa Bajenaru


The mission of Hannah’s Sanctuary is to offer young unmarried girls, who are in secondary and college education. 


We will do this by providing a helpline, facilitating access to pre and post natal care, support to remain in and return to education, access to training and childcare.

The core of our ministry is however what we term“Godly Identity”. This is a teaching to make people aware of who they really are in Christ. It encompasses topics such as Identity in Christ, Integrity of God’s Word, God’s kind of Love and the Power of Godly relationships.


Olikoye Hospital


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